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James is a trusted relationship for women and men. His client list is made up of leaders in every industry who say, “James is an innovator in developing people.”  It’s the sharpness of the conversation, the challenge of new thinking, the action that is taken… it’s what we hope for in a coaching relationship.

James holds a Masters in Coaching and Leadership Development.  He has earned the prestigious credentials of a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. James has taught over 50 Graduate-level coaching courses and trained over 500 new coaches.

James coaches leaders from a wide range of organizations and sectors; Nike, Intel, Merrill Lynch, William Sonoma, R2C Advertising, Pacific Foods, Compassion International, Clark Nuber Global Accounting, Washington State, Planar Systems, Chapman University, health care providers, entrepreneurs and best selling authors.

The best part is, James is gutsy.  The gutsy that asks the questions that you’re dodging.  The gutsy that helps leaders stop making it about themselves.  The gutsy that helps people listen to their own gut and move forward with confidence.  James brings proven tools and a process to develop people.

  • Strong Objectives are set
  • Powerful Questions are asked
  • New Paradigms are established
  • Leadership Skills are strengthened
  • Working Relationships are leveraged
  • Intentional Actions are sustained

James’ wife is his best friend, and his four kids still wake him up at night.

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