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Team Retreats


A team retreat is a facilitated day that renews the “ownership”  of each member of the team.  Everyone in the room becomes clear on the mission, roles and responsibilities, plan for the future, and what each one has to do to move the organization forward.

Held at an off site, comfortable location where people will work together in new ways, these retreats hit the ground running.   The day has two or three work sessions, lunch together, one-on-one development activities, group think, and laughing points.

James’ facilitation style creates group awareness and asks for individual action.  If there’s just individual awareness, then there is no group buy-in.  If it’s left for the group to act, then nobody does it.  So James goes for it.

Asking the hard questions for the team to answer in new ways. Strengthening team participation, not through another speech, but activities that draw in the voice of each team member.  You will hear new thinking, greater possibility, and you’ll walk away with a plan that doesn’t get filed, but get’s acted on.

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