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Coach Training

ADVCoaching-175It was years ago, but I can still hear her voice today. I’ll never forget the way she said it, almost defeated, “James, you make it look so easy, I can’t do that.”

“Oh no!” I thought.  It was like a ton of bricks… “I have a long ways to go as a trainer.”

The room got really warm all of sudden.  The words of the host, the introduction I got just minutes ago, now was the opposite of what I wanted to convey. “James Warrick has years of leadership experience and has developed a successful coaching company. In the field of coaching, James is an exceptional leader. He holds a Masters degree in Coaching along with prestigious credentials from the International Coaching Federation. James has trained over 500 new Coaches, developed leaders…”

I remember thinking, “Is it because I have a Masters… that she thinks she can’t do this?”

All of this flooded me at one time.  I was sitting on that stage, a room full of eyes on me.  I don’t know what you would have done, but I said the only thing that felt honest, “You’re right, you can’t do this.”

That wasn’t what she was expecting.

I slowly said “But … I didn’t start like this. And you won’t either, but you can start.”


  1. A New Paradigm
  2. The Shape Of The Conversation
  3. Core Coaching Skills
  4. Establishing Coaching Relationships
  5. Using Your Gut
  6. Facilitating Shifts
  7. Pro-active Action
  8. Managing Progress
  9. Participating In Transitions
  10. Launching People


Coach Training, like coaching, happens over the phone.
It’s a once a week, 45 minute, phone call: 10 minutes of training,  20 minutes of skills practice, 15 minutes of debrief.
So much learning happens in the debrief.

Become a Coach

Here’s What People Are Saying:

B. G. San Jose, CA
This training was great! I learned that I can stop thinking for other people, and start helping other people think better. I am excited to get out and start being a thinking partner with people that I work with.
M. T. Portland, OR
I have always desired to have an impact and now coach training has given me a way. Through the skill of coaching I am equipped to really help people around me. I am currently a business professional, but now I see I can be so much more.
J. D. Bakersfield, CA
I wish that I knew about coaching 20 years ago. Having been a leader in an organization, I now for the first time feel like I have the tools that I need to lead. What I liked most about this training was the skills practice and the feedback. It was so practical.
L.L. Seattle, WA
It has been a month since I took coach training with James Warrick. The skills of coaching resonate with me everyday and I am approaching many of my conversations with greater intention. I appreciate the training environment James brought through his facilitation and I am excited about more coach training.