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Remember your first house?  Rebecca and I were 25 years old and so excited – 4 walls and a roof for $150,000.  We only owned that house 2 years and 4 days, but we made it our own –  every square foot.  Bec still says, “I loved our first house.”  Ownership.

The trend these days is renting.  Too many people are renting their lives, their direction, their jobs, and even their own growth.  With no sense of ownership, they let their fences fall over, carpets get dirty and their roofs leak.  They don’t take ownership of what is in front of them.

Leaders are more.  They’re like mortgage brokers, they sign up  people for taking ownership of what they have, to make it their own.

This is a paradigm shift in modern leadership.  Leadership has been defined as influence, and that’s a problem.  Influence keeps the ownership with the leader and falls short of meeting the leadership challenge in this decade.

Leadership has to step beyond the confines of influence to really impact this current generation.  Leaders can step beyond their positions to have the real conversations – the conversations that develop people.

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