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Launching People

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After dinner is wrestle time in my house. My kids and I get on the floor and it’s a free for all.  Often Blake will say, “Daddy can you make us fly?” Do you know what that is? Yeah… I lay with my back on the floor and my feet up in the air and my kids sit on my feet and I launch them into the air, higher than they could ever jump on their own.   They love it! That’s what great leaders do… get on their back, stick their feet up in the air and they launch people… higher than they could go on their own. ...

Eating With 85 Year Old Women

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“James, I’m eating dinner with her in the cafeteria at the care home and she thinks we are at a reception on a cruise ship.” One of the guys I coach told me, “I never eat dinner with her for an hour and a half, but I just had a sense that this was a special time.  So I lingered.  And with her dementia, she was out of it most of the conversation.  But there were three statements that she said, in the midst of lots of random incoherent thoughts, but those three things I don’t think I’ll ever forget.” I was on the edge of my seat. “This...