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Personal Coaching

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want for your life and how to live in it.

That’s the coaching relationship. It’s a unique relationship with someone who is curious about what makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in your life . Someone who listens to the very best in you, even when you can’t hear it in yourself.

Imagine someone that goes and stands in the place where you want to be and keeps calling you to it. Someone who holds the flag at the top of the hill, encouraging you to press on.  Someone who celebrates your victories and helps you learn from your setbacks. Someone who holds up your vision when you get off track, bogged down, or lose sight of where to go next.

Imagine a relationship where you finally break free of those self-limiting conversations you’ve been having over the years – where new beliefs are formed and the old ways of thinking are noticed for what they are, enabling you to step beyond them by faith. Someone who shares what they are sensing in a way that honors you. A relationship that is real – where the truth is told about where you are at your best and where you sell yourself short.

Coaching is that relationship. The powerful relationship for people making important changes in their lives. These conversations happen once in a while, coaching is the place that makes this happen regularly.

Start the Conversation for Yourself