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Professional Coaching

“James, I have been in Corporate America for 15 years, and I feel I’ve lost who I am.”   A woman I coach said.  “I have given everything for this job and I don’t have anything left.  I feel like I am just trying to hang on.”

Do you ever stand at your closet wondering what to wear and wish you could wear the same outfit you did yesterday?  Why don’t you?  The off chance that someone might say, “Didn’t you wear that shirt yesterday?”

We take ourselves too seriously.

“Who are you?”  I asked the woman who was barely hanging on.  “Who are you really?”

It was quiet, she didn’t have to say it.  There was a huge void.

Most of us do this with our work.  We take it so seriously. We set out on the quest to find the perfect job, right people, ideal work/life balance.  We’re always looking for the next thing to make work better.  What would happen if you stopped trying to make your job better, and focused on making you better?


If you’re in sales, it’s not a different job with a better boss or bigger commissions, it’s you that needs to get bigger.  Identify the 4 things that make a transaction happen and coaching will enable you to step up and be consistent every day.  You need more confidence.  Confidence about yourself, your interactions with people, and even your boss. Coaching helps you believe more.


If you’re a leader, it’s not your team that needs to change, you do.  Getting results does not happen by pushing on your dead weight, it comes from you stepping on the gas and helping your top 25% team members go faster.  Coaching helps you produce more by giving you the kind of conversations that empower your top producers.


If you work for yourself, it’s not just a stronger business plan that will make you money, it’s a stronger personal plan.  Including the way you think about your role, your capacity, your to-do list, and even marketing.   James has run his own company for over 15 years, but he doesn’t tell you to do it like he did, he asks you to where you want to go and helps you get there.

Every Industry, Every Position

Whether you’re a writer, a health care provider, a lawyer, or a barista, coaching improves your job by bettering you.  Don’t spend another week just trying to hang on.  Discover who you are and how you work.

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