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Women are ready for more!


For too long women have tried to find their place, often to be left wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”  Take Flight is asking, “What’s right with you?”  It comes from the belief that women are gifted. Gifted with a strength that drives economies, bolsters organizations, and influences relationships at all levels.  When a woman is clear on what she’s been given and is confident in her strength to benefit those around her – it’s amazing.

Coaching is a series of conversations that gives you clarity on who you are and how you choose to use your own voice.  The coach doesn’t come with the answers, but is committed to the journey that women must take to step into more.  From professional to personal, the coaching conversation draws out the unique strength in a woman that connects her to what she wants.

A strong gifted woman believes more than her culture, stepping beyond what she has known, and into what she has only dreamed is possible.  This is possible.  James has journeyed with women, over and over again, to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Coaching is not just another nice conversation, but it’s the real one that moves you forward.

Get More As A Woman