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Hope Is Beyond You

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Hope is the belief that the future is better and there’s a way to get there. Blake, my 9 year-old son, sitting in the front seat of the car, staring out the window said, “Dad, when I grow up, I want to be a Coach like you… and travel with you.” I don’t tell you this so you’ll think I am a great Dad.  I’ll be honest; I have my doubts.  Not in Blake, but in what I’m giving him.  You probably know this from raising kids – it’s so day-to-day that it’s easy to feel lost in it.  Sometimes I find myself thinking, “What am I doing? Is...

Success Is Not Enough

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  “Where do I go from here?” People hire a coach for lots of reasons, and I could tell that she’d been waiting to ask this question.  She had this presence about her that made her feel far away from me in the conversation.  I was intimidated.  She wasn’t stuck.  She wasn’t confused.  She had arrived. It reminds me of when my daughters were little, I took them camping and I left all the food on the counter at home.   A 3 and 5 year old, 6 o’clock at night and an hour and a half away from the nearest McDonalds, the nearest anything.  It was classic. When you...

What Has To Change?

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“The more I push, the more they complain.” I could hear my client’s frustration, he said almost giving up,  “The angrier I get, the less I see in my team.” You know what’s ironic?  The change we want for others, has to start with us. People around you are going to keep doing what they’ve been doing or not doing, unless you change what you’re doing.  I’ve been coaching for 12 years, full time, and I’m still amazed at what I learn from the people I talk with every day.  Change is not something that can be told, it’s something that’s realized. Some of the hardest people to coach...

Not Listening To Me

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“What gets in the way of you listening?” I asked a group of executives, “Of you being present and focused on the person you’re with?” They were really honest, “Wondering what time it is. Thinking about what I’m going to say next. Relating what the person is saying to me. Deciding if what they’re saying is right or wrong. Planning the next thing on my schedule. People watching.” In the middle of all this, a man in his fifties said, “Me… I get in the way of listening to people” So much happens in our minds when people are talking to us, unfortunately so little of it has to do with...